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Someone was asking for the scans for this mag scans on the arashi_on masterpost. So I thought I should scan my copy and share it since I couldn't find the scans anywhere :O, and this photoshoot needs to be shared :DD.
credit: [ profile] sharksoul24 please credit and let me know if reposting :)


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I recently got my thanks to the amazing  [ profile] bokuwashinigami  <33 . I just love this Magazine and how Aiba always looks so hot in it :). Also this magazine includes and english translation of the interview ^^ , don't you wish all the magazines where the guys appear in had one? 

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Credits are appreciated but not necessary.

I recently got a hold on 2 old Popeyes so I'll be sharing that soon :).
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Download Here

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November 2010
Total 4 pages
Download Here

Password: n1n0v1v1

Crediting is appreciated if posting elsewhere. ^^
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 I never thought this day would come xD, but I'm glad to have found Livejournal.  
So many things have happened since my first post, I  made some good friends and thanks to everyone who is always sharing stuff, write fics, etc. I love Arashi as much as I did the first day. :D                                                                                         

                                                                                    masaki - Anan n 1714.rar

For Personal Use only 
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Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post. Here I bring the last part with rest of the photo set if you haven't checked the first part please go here: . This in part of the celebration of the soon to be "My girl" month, I just can't wait to watch this drama :) 9 more days!!!. Here are the previews:

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As always Thanks for all the comments and you can use this scans however you want, just some credit would be appreciated!!. Here is the links:
password: @iba5x10pt2
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I managed to scanned 5 of them before I had to go home(since I was using my aunt's scanner), but there is 24 in this set so there is 19 more from where this ones came from. ^_^ I just thought I should share this ones in the meantime because he looks just so cool in this photo shoot. I'll just edit this post later with the rest so I don't spam anyone's friends list.
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In case you want to download this ones here is the link:

Aiba's photoshoot dl link here
Password: mir@clebo1

I added some more,and I'll just edit with this post to add more pics. Aiba'solo set 5x10 dl link here Password: aib@ka5x10 You can use them for anything as long as you credit. ^_^
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Here This time I bring the scans of All the best concert off-shot, in which they all look really good. Also I'm on the mission of scanning all of the Aiba's solo set pics, so there is that to look forward to. I'm on way to a fan meeting in Northern California that should be very fun :), so I probably for the middle of week.

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Also here is the download link for the pics:[sharksoul24]allthebestmixedphotos.rar
password is : allthebest5x10. Please don't repost  or claim as your own, you can use for anything as long as you credit. Comments are appreciated :)

Also, yesterday I went to see a very funny movie called; 'White on Rice" which was really and I got to meet the main actor called Hiroshi Watanabe(who was really nice) and we I learned that he was in Letter of Iwo Jima with Nino. How's that for 6 degrees of separation XD.

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I'm scanned these (used a better scanner this time), and would like to share these:
[3] Nino
[3] Aiba
[2] Jun

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