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Making Of

5in1 CM + Making of

He looks so cute in his uniform :D

Comments are loved <3
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Astronaut Sho!

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Fixed the link !
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Older Cm's

Zelda Cm's updated as well :)

Comments are not necessary but appreciated!

[CM] Aflac

Mar. 24th, 2011 11:40 pm
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Dl link

So cute! :D
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 So far this are my favorite cm's, especially the photography ones, they are so cute <33

Puppy Introduction 1
Puppy Introduction 2
Puppy Photography 1
Puppy Photography 2

Older CM's

Comment are not necessary but aprecciated :D :D
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What is the first thing I do when I got my computer back ? update my cm list xD all these cm's were ripped by me unless otherwise noted ^^

First  of all

Android the "  love Nino" is the best thing that could happen in a cm xD even if Aiba retracted lolRead more )

Older cm's Comment are not necessary but aprecciated :D :D
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Just recorded this on the morning news, his co-star will be Aoi Miyazaki (Nana, Kimi wo Aishiteru)
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CM2 *New 07/09*
Making of

For personal use only!!
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I love this song since the first time  I heard it , actually I love all three chapters (but this one is my favorite :D).
I wish his sho didn't have to end  so we could have more chapters :(.
But well I've been looking for the lyrics for these songs and I was able to find chapter 1, I'll keep looking for the rest though and if someone would like to translate this, please do :D.

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CM2-15s*New 07/09*

Here we can listen 15s of the new Arashi song "To be free"
I'm really liking it :D!!
For personal use only
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Because I recently I fell in love with this video all over again I made some screencaps of my favorite moments. Well I tried to do it, I love how the video has like a slow pace at the beginning and then I just want to start jumping around the house with them. XD
They all look so little and cute, that I just feel like  squishing  their cheeks. And Aiba well (and I'm not being biased here ^^) is the cutest, I can't believe at last he is going to have his own drama. I'm definitely going to watch it  even if I have to wake up at five in the morning. In other news  I saw the meteor shower last night, the sky was really pretty and I just layed  down on my backyard while I was listening to the Maou Ost lol I don't know why, but I think it was because everyone was talking how the guy who made the Maou Ost was doing My girl Ost that I felt like listening to it all over again.
More chibi arashi.... )


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