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hfklsdjfhds Why can't I be there !? And their stage  has an awesome line up T__T

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It's been a while since I last posted here ! I have no pretext, recently everyone is on tumblr or twitter xD. Btw my tumblr is
if anyone wants to go hang out there xD and twitter is :D

Lately I have been listening to a lot of K-rock(my Ipod is 40% Arashi 50% krock and 10% everything else xD). Nell being my all time favorite <3 so I though I should post some of my favorite bands in case anyone wants to give them a listen :D

Vids under the cut!
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I have some other ones that I love, but I can remember their names and I can't korean yet xD 

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Finally found a rip of this concert after months of looking :D It's amazing and totally worth watching from beginning to end!
I definitely think I should buy a physical copy while it's still available >.> maybe for my birthday xD.

I love them even more now <333 

The file is 6 GB :O so I only have screencaps and a teaser xD

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 I love this song but when I hear Epik High and Nell sing it together I love it even more :D.
As some of you might know by now xD Nell is another one of my favorite bands :D. I love their covers of the songs below and I wanted to post the videos of all the ones I found, but they probably wouldn't fit in one post  xD.  I have ripped the audio of all the ones below so if anyone is interested let me now ;)

Nothing Compares to you (Sinead O'Connor cover)
Zombie (Cranberries Cover)
Across the Universe (Beatles cover)
Creep (Radiohead cover)
Knocking in Heaven's Door (Guns and Roses cover)
Unintended (Muse)

I really want to get their dvd "The Trace"  and they have it on Yesasia but it's like 84$ D: (Arashi is leaving my wallet empty ) .  I really want to see their concert maybe I'll get it for Christmas if it's still there *fingers crossed*.  I did find after months of looking a concert of them in a  Tv station. It's really good and it has all of my favorite songs :D So I'm happy for now xD.
And so this post is not Arashi-less xD,  I received the email that completely made my day! My album has been shipped !! I can't wait to hold it in my hands, I haven't listen to any of the new songs yet except for Movin' on  but I couldn't resist xD.  

Also I went to SF this weekend and found this:

I'm so going to find out if they have Hayashi Rice xDD

P.s I love LOVE RAINBOW so I'm glad it's being released :D
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 So for this weeks song, I was totally going for Band of Horses - The funeral<3, but then my phone rang and Nell's Goodnight started playing and then I had to go with them;D( Band of horses, you'll get your turn next xD). So How did I hear about Nell...mmm.I think it was thanks to Be Mate. I found one of their of videos on Youtube and someone in the comment section recommended Nell, and it was love at first listen xD. Funny fact : I listened to them during my bus rides on my way to Japanese class.
Their music always helped me relax before a test and kept me company during those 2 long hours it took me to get from college to my house.
Nell's cds are one the few I can listen from beginning to end, they are definitely worth a listen.

I was thinking that by the end of the month when I have enough songs posted, I'll make mix-tape :P. probably I should add 1 or 2 more songs in korean or japanese though just to make it a little even xD.

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I like to listen to this song.. :D


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