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I kinda made this in a hurry to join in the fun of celebrating  Nino's birthday tomorrow (or today in some parts of the world). I loved it when he was in Stand up, and I can't believe he still looks the same as he did in those days. Anyway Happy Birthday Nino!!, I hope everyone  enjoys this video.

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Today I finish Step and Go another one of my favorite and at last learned how to used the Karaoke function. I'm not quite there yet and I cannot  say 100 % perfect but  if you want to sing-along, please just click on the link.

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Now, on my second attempt I bring Tomadoinagara another one of my favorites. The quality of video is better than the one I had to work with for All or nothing Pv. Now I now how the subbers must feel doing this 4 minute video took me forever and I'm not even using the karaoke effects, but I will learn how to use it. Hope you like this one too.  Feedback is appreciated!
edit: MP4 link
Version 2 with Bigger fonts

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I know I haven't post much Arashi  related stuff lately, but I decided that at last I will share something(at least with everyone in my f-list). I've have been listening to Arashi's All or Nothing(one of my favorites), and decided to put the lyrics to the video. So this being my first attempt I hope everyone enjoys it. The quality of the video is not that great, but at least now we can sing along to it. I hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend. Here is the link to download the video:
Lyrics are from
Raw from:


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