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 So today's group (somehow this became weekly xD) is WILCO, I was really glad to see them live. I had to go by myself since I didn't have anyone else to go with, but the awkwardness of trying to enjoy myself even though I was surrounded by hundreds of people I didn't know was totally worth it because they are one of the few bands that sound as good or even better they do on tape  :D. They played at the Greek Theater in Berkeley which is a really nice place to go see concerts, most of my favorites bands (Band of Horses, Death cab for cutie) have played there at one point.Video under the cut ) * I Am Trying to break your heart is Wilco song from the album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, you can listen to it Here
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How did hear about this band? well with a name like SSLYBY is difficult not to be curious about who are these guys. I guess it was love at first listen it xD, and not only I like them I also like their record company. Now, how often can that happen?, and I why do I like them?, because the first time I pre-order a SSLYBY vinyl not only I got a mp3 copy, but also a poster, some pins and Airhead (yeah that's right I got candy xD).
SSLYBY is a small indie band from Springfield, Missouri. They have been playing together since 1999 mostly in small shows, but it wasn't until 2005 when their first LP 'Broom' was released that they gained more popularity. They are sweet and melodic and they remind of Elliott Smith and their music is perfect for road trips. Their new album is coming out in August (Let it Sway) and I already pre-ordered my vinyl copy, and I don't really buy cd's lately(except for Arashi of course xD), but this band is definitely worth spending some money for their music. And I wonder what goodies will I find this time :D.

Download their latest single Sink/Let it Sway 
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I cannot believe I did not  hear about these series before, it  is really good and I have been watching it for the past week.
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