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Is that time of the year again :D!

If you like to receive a card from or postcard (if you don't celebrate Christmas) leave a comment below with your address (comments will be screened). Everyone else I sent a card last year  is receiving one no matter what xD unless you changed your address then let me know <3
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It does make sense though !
Can I change my name to Penelope? or maybe I'll name my daughter Penelope ( though I might not tell her I named her that because of a goldfish xD) I just love this song <33
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I fell in love with his music recently <33
Edit: and in case you like him too, you can download his discography here
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 Is that time of the year again! If you would like to receive a Christmas postcard comment on this post!
Everyone who received one last year is getting one this year for sure :D!! 

And Now to start feeling the Christmas spirit....

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This year was the 33rd time the festival was celebrated, and like the past 3 years I attended I had fun as well. 
I saw 3 movies which I liked, I was going to watch a 4th one which I forgot when it was playing so I missed it (eventhough I had a ticket), and I terribly regret having done so as it won the FAVORITE CHILDREN'S FEATURE.  
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Even though I live in a small town we are very lucky to have a Film Festival every year, and for a week  we get to see movies from all over the world that may or may not be released here. I really like  to go specially since the theater is in  a walking distance from my house, so I try to watch as many movies as I can. There have been hit and misses of course, some great movies and some I just didn't understand that well, I saw Uma Thurman's "Motherhood" which was a complete waste of money (which flopped when it was released in theaters), I saw 57,000 Kilometers Between Us (France, 2008) which was kinda weird, but I got free cheese at the end of the movie xD, so it was okay. 
I must say I have seen some really good movies like this one, which I must confess I choose because of the Japanese theme xD. But I'm really glad I gave it a chance, it's really beautiful and moving. 
The Film Festival this year is on October. Can't wait to find out more good movies!

Movie Summary
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 Poor Aiba got groped in Music Lovers, and I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for some fans with attention to details than me xD 
some random Con pics under the cut )
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But at least we get nice pics to makes us happy until the fancams  DVD comes out xD. 

I love Aiba's costumes xD
some con aiba pics under the cut :D )

Today was nice. I got to see [ profile] bllue  and Amanda and we hang out in Japantown . We meet  [ profile] yabaix who happened to visiting SF, lol I found out about it on twitter xD and then [ profile] arashifanatic helped us by texting her and telling we were there too  :D.  We went to Kino, took pikapika pics and talk xD, we couldn't go karaoke and record ourselves  singing Truth like [ profile] arashifanatic  wanted xDD, but we will for sure do it next time :D
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 So my cousin went to Bolivia to visit our relatives, and as she was walking around the city she found this:
                                                (click on the picture to make it larger)
A huge Arashi poster on the window of a restaurant. I think it's like an AD from the fanclub and if you look a little lower there is a poster of Jun, which I'm pretty sure it's to promote JUN's big birthday party xD.

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 I love this song but when I hear Epik High and Nell sing it together I love it even more :D.
As some of you might know by now xD Nell is another one of my favorite bands :D. I love their covers of the songs below and I wanted to post the videos of all the ones I found, but they probably wouldn't fit in one post  xD.  I have ripped the audio of all the ones below so if anyone is interested let me now ;)

Nothing Compares to you (Sinead O'Connor cover)
Zombie (Cranberries Cover)
Across the Universe (Beatles cover)
Creep (Radiohead cover)
Knocking in Heaven's Door (Guns and Roses cover)
Unintended (Muse)

I really want to get their dvd "The Trace"  and they have it on Yesasia but it's like 84$ D: (Arashi is leaving my wallet empty ) .  I really want to see their concert maybe I'll get it for Christmas if it's still there *fingers crossed*.  I did find after months of looking a concert of them in a  Tv station. It's really good and it has all of my favorite songs :D So I'm happy for now xD.
And so this post is not Arashi-less xD,  I received the email that completely made my day! My album has been shipped !! I can't wait to hold it in my hands, I haven't listen to any of the new songs yet except for Movin' on  but I couldn't resist xD.  

Also I went to SF this weekend and found this:

I'm so going to find out if they have Hayashi Rice xDD

P.s I love LOVE RAINBOW so I'm glad it's being released :D
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Yes we are in the middle of Summer, but today it felt as the middle of Winter it was cold and windy..........just the way I like it xD, I'm not really a big fan of hot weather. I mean in Winter if you get cold you can just drink hot cocoa, wear a jacket, etc. But in Summer sometimes no matter what you do you can not cool off, unless you are lucky to work or live somewhere where the AC is always on xD.
Je vais bien, ne t'en fais pas )
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Usually I post about my favorite song on Sundays, but I today I'll post about one of my favorite movies from 2007.
It's a film starring Louis Garrel and Ludivine Sagnier, which have become one of my favorite french actors along with Melanie Laurent  and Gaspard Ulliel.

The Movie is a musical about love and death and dealing with everything in between.
I love the drama, the unexpected twists and the soundtrack and if you ever are interested and  want to watch this movie and can't find it anywhere let me know as I have it :D
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I don't really have story to go with this song or Augustana, except that when this song first came out  I woke up a whole week  to this song. That's how much I love it :D.

So this weekend I  got to see the BackStreet Boys :D they performed at Pride in San Francisco and even though they only sang 2 songs (Straight throught my heart, I want it that way and Quit playing games with my heart), they were awesome as always.

I left as soon as they were done because it was so hot and crowded,  you could barely move so I ended up going to Japantown like I always do, when there is nothing better to do xD.
Oh and before all this happened I woke up with such bad allergies in the morning that I had to take some medicine so I grabbed the first bottle of allergy medicine that I found and took them. Little did I know that those pills were the generic brand of benadryl which made so sleepy xD. I just wanted to lay anywhere and sleep >.> I'll never again  take any random medicine xDD
Happy beginning of the week to everyone :D!!
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 So for this weeks song, I was totally going for Band of Horses - The funeral<3, but then my phone rang and Nell's Goodnight started playing and then I had to go with them;D( Band of horses, you'll get your turn next xD). So How did I hear about Nell...mmm.I think it was thanks to Be Mate. I found one of their of videos on Youtube and someone in the comment section recommended Nell, and it was love at first listen xD. Funny fact : I listened to them during my bus rides on my way to Japanese class.
Their music always helped me relax before a test and kept me company during those 2 long hours it took me to get from college to my house.
Nell's cds are one the few I can listen from beginning to end, they are definitely worth a listen.

I was thinking that by the end of the month when I have enough songs posted, I'll make mix-tape :P. probably I should add 1 or 2 more songs in korean or japanese though just to make it a little even xD.

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(click on the pic for the wallie)
The Au hp was updated with a new I wonder when is the new Sakumoto CM coming out? :D
Also the cover for the Arashi album is out and apparently we got a sneak peek of when the news of the single and album came out

I'm loving this song :D
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 So today's group (somehow this became weekly xD) is WILCO, I was really glad to see them live. I had to go by myself since I didn't have anyone else to go with, but the awkwardness of trying to enjoy myself even though I was surrounded by hundreds of people I didn't know was totally worth it because they are one of the few bands that sound as good or even better they do on tape  :D. They played at the Greek Theater in Berkeley which is a really nice place to go see concerts, most of my favorites bands (Band of Horses, Death cab for cutie) have played there at one point.Video under the cut ) * I Am Trying to break your heart is Wilco song from the album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, you can listen to it Here
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How did hear about this band? well with a name like SSLYBY is difficult not to be curious about who are these guys. I guess it was love at first listen it xD, and not only I like them I also like their record company. Now, how often can that happen?, and I why do I like them?, because the first time I pre-order a SSLYBY vinyl not only I got a mp3 copy, but also a poster, some pins and Airhead (yeah that's right I got candy xD).
SSLYBY is a small indie band from Springfield, Missouri. They have been playing together since 1999 mostly in small shows, but it wasn't until 2005 when their first LP 'Broom' was released that they gained more popularity. They are sweet and melodic and they remind of Elliott Smith and their music is perfect for road trips. Their new album is coming out in August (Let it Sway) and I already pre-ordered my vinyl copy, and I don't really buy cd's lately(except for Arashi of course xD), but this band is definitely worth spending some money for their music. And I wonder what goodies will I find this time :D.

Download their latest single Sink/Let it Sway 
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Coconut Records is one of my favorite groups. You may recognize Jason Schwartzman from Rushmore (1998) ,or maybe not xD. He is more of a singer nowadays, his brother who is also a singer is Robert Schwartzman and  you may actually recognize him if you have seen 'The Princess Diaries" a hundred times :D. He was Anne Hathaway's love interest. Surprisingly that was his one and only movie :( as his is now full time singer in his own band called 'Rooney'.

Robert Schwartzman xD

ok.........back to Jason now xD, and the reason why I'm posting about him. Tomorrow is my Japanese final and his music has been helping me relax :D.

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How I wish I could see this play....<33
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I like to listen to this song.. :D


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